Smart Database Systems Inc.

Database Development for small-medium businesses

What is a database application/solution

A database application is an excellent tool for managing and storing data when spreadsheets like Excel are not enough.
With database applications like FileMaker Pro, you can create interactive forms, run reports against data, and publish web applications.

So why not using an open source database?

An open source database like mySql, or databases like SQL server or Oracle are just data stores. They do not provide means for entering data or reading data by users- only by software.
A database application like FileMaker provide means for users to interact with the data - inserting,deleting etc.

What is FileMaker®

FileMaker Pro® is a platform that allows development of custom database solutions .  FileMaker® was recently purchased by Apple - a fact that ensures a continuous evolvment of the application.

FileMaker® Advantages

  • FileMaker® works on Windows,Mac, iPad and iPhone.
  • Development on FileMaker® is relatively fast. It saves development time, thus saves client's money.
  • FileMaker® supports hundreds of concurrent users. Users of FileMaker® range from single users to Forbs 500 companies.