Smart Database Systems Inc.

Powerful Data-Management Software Development

Rapid,customized software development to manage data for small-medium businesses using industry-leading platform

We take your Excel and transfer it into a database application.
Our applications are user-friendly, extremely efficient, and easy to customize
  1. Database applications to store data and to get reports
  2. Supports hundreds of users
  3. Collaborate with other users located anywhere, and manage their permissions to view or delete records
  4. Attach documents like PDF or MS Word, catch signatures,create barcodes, attach photos
  5. Export to Excel
  6. Exchange data with other databases, websites, financial software etc.
  7. Use iPad/iPhone applications for your field reps or while you travel

Cloud/Office Software Development

  • "Cloud" deployment: Your database software will be accessible from anywhere via the internet
  • Office deployment: We will install the software in your office
  • Mixed deployment: Your office will act as a cloud - you will be able to connect form the office, and from your home/field

Environmental Impact

Helping green companies to achieve better efficiency:
  1. Paperless submission of BOLs to Stewardship Ontario
  2. Scheduling recycling pickups
  3. Reports
  4. Inventory management for recycables and equipment
  5. iPad reporting of pickups from the field
  6. Uploading of pickup routes to drivers' mobile devices
    Solar Farms Management
  1. Reading and storing data from solar farms, checking for anomalies using big data tools
  2. PDF and electronic reports
  3. Inventory and equipment management
  4. Contracts management
  5. Management dashboards